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Every Pearl is Unique

Every diamond and every pearl

Pearls are special jewels. Since ancient times, there have been documented records of how pearls are much sought-after as a priced possession.  There was a time when pearls were so highly-priced that they were only reserved for nobles and royalty. Pearls are unique because they are created by a living animal, the only jewel in existence to do so.  The very existence of pearls is testament to the beauty of nature, and how nature can create something beautiful out of a seemingly different situation.  Pearls are formed when an irritant, usually a small piece of shell, parasite or small track of sand, is lodged inside an oyster’s body.  This causes the oyster to secrete nacre, a special substance that builds ups in layers until the pearl if formed.  Thus, the formation of each and every pearl is distinctive, as each pearl grows inside an oyster shell. Each harvested pearl inside an...

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