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Every Pearl is Unique

Every diamond and every pearl

Pearls are special jewels. Since ancient times, there have been documented records of how pearls are much sought-after as a priced possession.  There was a time when pearls were so highly-priced that they were only reserved for nobles and royalty. Pearls are unique because they are created by a living animal, the only jewel in existence to do so.  The very existence of pearls is testament to the beauty of nature, and how nature can create something beautiful out of a seemingly different situation.  Pearls are formed when an irritant, usually a small piece of shell, parasite or small track of sand, is lodged inside an oyster’s body.  This causes the oyster to secrete nacre, a special substance that builds ups in layers until the pearl if formed.  Thus, the formation of each and every pearl is distinctive, as each pearl grows inside an oyster shell. Each harvested pearl inside an...

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Mother of Diamond

The Art of Nature's Beauty

The art of nature's beauty: Every jewel from “Mother of Diamond” is unique. Each pearl with its own glowing personality formed in the depths of the seas has its own secret story to tell. By revealing this secret we know how to match the most perfect fitting diamond for this pearl and enhance the beauty of them both. This is the miracle of life and the spirit of Alita Jewels....

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Shining Pearls

Lilah Testimonial

How to Become a Shining Star: I am new to the wonderful world of pearls and I thought shining meant that the pearls had a magical gleam to them, but after putting them on for the first time I realized that the word was talking about the effect on the wearer....

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Once upon a time….

Once upon a time.... Post

Pearls are one of the oldest gems in the world.  In ancient times, natural pearls were so rare and much coveted that it is only worn by the richest and noblest families. Pearls are naturally formed when an irritant enters an oyster’s soft inner body.  It secretes nacre, a substance that builds up in layers until the lustrous and silky pearl is formed within the oyster shell.  Because of a discovery of a pearl jewellery fragment from a sarcophagus of a Persian princess that dates back to 420 B.C., we now know that pearls have been worn by people for many, many years. Pearls have also been used for trading since the Roman Times, where having pearls signify extreme wealth and a symbol of your high standing in society. Pliny writes an account of how Cleopatra, wagering Marc Antony that she will give the most expensive dinner in history, crushed a...

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Elegance & Style Packaging

Mother of Diamond Packaging

Mouth-Watering Packaging: I guess a great guy or girl dressed in the right gear would complete the ultimate dream, so when Mother of Diamond chose that elegant, classy, zazzy packaging, they wanted to show off their amazing jewelry in the best way and complete the ultimate gift for her....

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Zoom on Pearls

Zoom Pearls

All You Need to Know: That's great, Mother of Diamond not only wanted me to be happy but also in the know about what I am wearing, so that's real nice when every piece comes with its own little certificate telling me all about who she is and where she's from....

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