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Over The Ocean



Who We Are

Our vision is to bring the art of nature’s beauty and innovate it to unique and exclusive affordable jewelry.

We sell to every woman throughout the world who appreciates new concepts and cares about self-expression.

Our business is based on 35 years of diamond and jewelry manufacturing experience with our newly developed diamond concepts, innovative jewelry designs and the latest technology processes.

We are members of professional diamond and jewelry trade associations which also monitor our business practices and advertising content for ethical and truthful commitments.

Mother of Diamond Box


The Story Revealed

Mother of Diamond (M.O.D)  is a new innovative concept in marketing providing a simple and effective solution for low cost popular fashionable jewelry items.

The company has cleverly combined amorphous pearls with real diamonds set in 925 silver or 14k gold, in a price formula that offers the consumer looking for a gift or a ready-to-wear item of jewelry that suits every pocket conveniently.

Pendant on Wood background

Each item is individually packaged in an attractive compact box with a dual function of display and gift wrapping. Included is a certificate of authenticity and a leaflet explaining the uniqueness of pearls and its properties together with a description about the jewel itself.

This item is a “must” from both design and price point, value for money, easy, convenient for consumer and retailer alike – not to be missed.

We Are Original

Design Patents and Trademarks

Mother of Diamonds Trademark

Designed and Produced by Alita Jewels Ltd.

All Rights Reserved. Mother of Diamond and Mother of Diamond Logos

are Trademarks of Alita Jewels Ltd.

Registered in US, EU and other Countries.

Patent No. US D736,665 S

Our additional patents are presented in descriptions of  “What we do”

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